Local Love Stories


Here at The Diamond Galleria, making a couple’s dream come true is simply our greatest joy.
Making our customers happy is the most important thing to us and we are always prepared to go above and beyond to make that happen. No matter which stage you’re at in your search for the perfect engagement ring, The Diamond Galleria is here to help. We know just how memorable the proposal will be, so we are devoted to making it exceptional. When that time comes—when he finds the engagement ring that’s made just for her—we truly treasure that moment. No matter how many customers come in ready to choose that special ring, seeing the excitement in their eyes and getting to play a part in their forever love will never get old.

That’s why we will always cherish our Local Love Stories. Each one is remarkable in its own way, and we are beyond excited to share them with you!


Steve and Jennah met in chemistry class - seriously. And it was pretty early in the relationship that they both knew it was meant to be. Steve proposed at a tour of the otter exhibit (Jennah’s favorite animal) at Mesker Park Zoo. Did you know that sea otters often have a favorite rock that they use to crack open shells? And when they find a companion, they gift this rock to the otter they’ve developed a special bond with.. Steve loved the symbolism and used it in his proposal. Jennah knew she wanted the ring to come from The Diamond Galleria. “It means so much to us that they are so involved in the community. I see what they do, and I’m amazed.”



Josh and Shayla agree that God knew what he was doing when the two met as just middle schoolers all those years ago. The two married at just 18, but they vowed to stay strong through it all and built a life together with 4 children. When the couple first married, they didn’t have much to spend on their wedding rings. So, Josh decided to surprise Shayla with an upgraded diamond to symbolize where they are in life + how much their love has grown. Josh immediately connected with Bert after learning the store’s mission, their involvement with charity and the community. The two worked together to recreate the perfect ring, and Josh couldn’t believe the outcome. “The Diamond Galleria nailed it. I got a diamond that symbolizes how far we’ve come, and I got the best value and best quality diamond for my money.”


The first time Lexi and Blake went on a date, Lexi drove home with tears in her eyes, telling her mother she was certain Blake was one. And Blake… he was in awe because she was the cutest girl he’d ever met. From that moment on, the two haven’t spent a day apart. When Blake knew in his heart it was time to propose, he headed to The Diamond Galleria. Lexi had already filled out a wishlist of rings she loved, which made it even easier for Blake to pick the perfect one for her. And, as if their relationship couldn’t be any cuter, Blake surprised Lexi with a candid New Years Eve proposal all caught on tape thanks to their puppy, Bolt.



This fun-loving couple met on The University of Evansville’s campus through mutual friends. At the time, Kaylee was freshman running cross-country and Blake was a junior playing basketball. When they crossed paths for the first time one evening, Blake says he couldn’t think of anything better to say than, “You’re too beautiful to be true.” They both agree it was a bit corny, but it’s clear there must have been something special because they’re now planning a life together. When it came time to find Kaylee’s ring, the whole process actually happened fairly quickly. Blake had previously gotten Kaylee an A. Jaffe Map Your Moment necklace from The Diamond Galleria that has the location of UE on it – where they met. Because of the great experience he had at The Diamond Galleria when buying her the necklace, he decided he didn’t want to go anywhere else to find her ring.


Krissy + Devonte are the perfect example of things happening in due time. They went to Bosse High School together, but didn’t “officially” meet until a mutual friend’s wedding the summer between sophomore and junior year of college. Devonte says it was his dance moves that won Krissy over. Devonte proposed on a chilly October weekend at a Lantern Festival, or as Krissy says, “at one of the most magical places.” Before Devonte proposed, he knew he wanted to go to The Diamond Galleria. He had shopped around for engagement rings at other jewelers, but found the best selection and pricing at The Diamond Galleria. Plus, Krissy had already sent him photos of rings she liked there. Devonte worked with Thomas, and left the store feeling like a diamond expert. Devonte loved how personable all the employees were and felt very comfortable making a big purchase from them. And Krissy absolutely loves her ring and is so happy he chose The Diamond Galleria!



Kyle + Bree met at the USI baseball team’s National Championship party, and Kyle immediately fell for Bree when she spewed out a corny joke. He says it was that moment that set the foundation for their relationship- fun and goofy. Kyle proposed on a Monday afternoon in the park, with a hand-stitched kite flying in the air reading “Marry Me?” Bree said the proposal was so “them and very sentimental.” And, she can’t wait to share it with their children one day. Before Kyle proposed, he knew he wanted to go to The Diamond Galleria because Bree worked there and had already sent him several pictures of rings she liked there. Throughout the shopping process, Kyle created a great relationship with Robin, who showed him all of the pieces Bree liked, explained the entire process and was always up-front about his budget. Kyle loved the low-pressure, no-rush-to-buy atmosphere. That along with their warranty was very important to him. And Bree couldn’t be more happy with the ring and has a great feeling of satisfaction knowing they are supporting the Evansville community.


Neil + Lynda had known each other for years. Their boys had always played ball together, so as their relationship evolved it felt natural–meant to be really. Neil came to the Diamond Galleria because he knew that Lynda had a life-long relationship with Bert & Tyna. Bert was able to walk him through the entire process, finding him something in his budget and breathtaking. Neil originally planned to propose on their family vacation to Florida, but he admits he just couldn’t wait. And for Lynda, the ring couldn’t be more perfect. She is so thankful for Bert and Tyna because, “They put their heart and soul into it the company, and they want their customers to be pleased because they care.” Neil adds, “They were able to help me navigate a huge selection of merchandise based on my budget. And, I got really good deal on a beautiful diamond ring.”


Daniel and Jason had already been together 9 years and started to build a life together with their little girl when marriage finally became a reality for them. The two were beyond ready and over-the-moon to finally be legally married and considered “equal members of society.” In fact, they headed to the courthouse that day to make it official. The couple already symbolically wore a pair of rings, but Jason wanted them to have something more… Something special. That’s when they came to The Diamond Galleria. Daniel knew and previously worked with Bert through several local charitable organizations. Daniel commented, “Bert and Tyna do so much for the community,” so he knew that he wanted to support a local business that “gives back” to their community. As the couple browsed the large selection of wedding bands, neither was really sure what they were looking for. But, as fate would have it, they each ended up picking out a ring for one another, making their experience that much more special. The two couldn’t think of a better way to complete the symbolization of their marriage.


The feeling you get when you know things are just meant to be is certainly one of the most peaceful, reassuring feelings you can have. Hanna & Shawn admitted they both felt this way on their very first date. Shawn says, “I still feel like we’re on our first date… For me, it’s never really come to an end.” As the couple began to start looking at rings, they knew they wanted to shop at The Diamond Galleria. Hanna had previously worked there and the staff were like a second family to her. Hanna knew she wanted to recreate her grandmother’s ring, but seeing all the different varieties of engagement rings was a bit daunting. Hanna admitted, “Truly, it’s like I wanted one of everything!” But, with the help of her entire Diamond Galleria family, the couple was able to custom design a ring that Hanna would love showing off for many years to come. And the best part… It was more affordable than they thought!


Sometimes our friends really do know what they’re talking about, which is exactly the what happened when Robert & Hanah were introduced by 2 friends who happened to be dating. After finally agreeing to meet one another, it was evident that this couple’s chemistry was undeniable. Robert admits that he knew she was the one at just one glance, “She’s perfect. She’s beautiful.” When it came time to start looking for the ring, Robert knew he wanted to shop at The Diamond Galleria because he knew the owners were local and trustworthy. “Picking out a ring can be stressful,” Robert said. “You want to make sure you’re getting the right thing, and at The Diamond Galleria, they never pushed me and worked with me for months to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.” Getting the ring at The Diamond Galleria was “perfect” — Robin was remarkable throughout the process, and the hassle-free environment put him at ease and ensured that he was getting the best price and the best value available.


It is certainly true that nothing happens by chance. Everything indeed happens for a reason. And, for this local couple, that couldn’t be more true. Zachary and Taylor are both from the Evansville area, but their paths never seemed to cross. They had mutual friends, but had never gotten the chance to meet. However, about 4 years ago, their paths crossed at a graduation party, and Zachary was immediately drawn to Taylor’s bright smile and contagious, fun-loving personality. The two dated for 4 years before Zachary decided to propose. When it came time to shop for her dream ring, Zachary knew exactly where he needed to go: The Diamond Galleria. Taylor followed their Instagram page, and always like to drop hints for Zachary on exactly what she liked. Once Zachary had the perfect ring, he planned a trip to Florida and put together a beautiful photoshoot and proposal on the beach. Now, they’re busy getting ready to spend forever together!


Daniel and Katherine are the perfect example of two people meeting up at the right time in life. The two had actually gone to middle school together, but it wasn’t until later in life that they discovered they were a perfect match for one another. Katherine’s mother set them up on a date and right off the gate, Daniel says he knew he was going to marry her. When Daniel first started looking at rings, he went to The Diamond Galleria. He met Lori there and she was able to help him find the perfect ring. We want each person’s experience to be one that they will remember and cherish, so we actually worked with Daniel to help him create a video for Katherine that he planned to use when he proposed. As we were setting the diamond in Katherine’s ring, Daniel was actually there to record it, so he could show Katherine the night of their engagement. We were so impressed by this unique idea, and couldn’t have thought of a better way to make this moment even more memorable for them!


Damon and Lindsay actually met while boating. Lindsay admitted that she really didn’t want to go that day, but her friend begged her to, so she finally gave in little did she know she was about to meet Damon. The two ended up talking to one another the entire day, and the rest is pretty much history. Fate brought them to one another when they least expected it. When Damon came in to see us, he knew exactly what Lindsay wanted. He joked with us and said Lindsay doesn’t know it, but I have kept a little piece of paper for years with her size on it and the style she loves. That little piece of paper made it easy for him to work with one of our designers to come up with a ring design that was truly breathtaking. He ended up picking out a beautiful Fire & Ice diamond to top off his design, and Lindsay was blown away–she told us it had turned out better than she ever expected. We loved working with this beautiful couple and we were truly honored to be able to work with them in finding that one-of-a-kind ring.


For Alisha and Dakota, it started with puppy love and developed from there. First meeting at the ripe old age of two at an Easter egg hunt, this Local Love Story couple then began their journey when they were just 13 and 14 years old! Both knew pretty early on that they had found their forever love; that it was meant to be. When it came to the ring, Alisha knew that she wanted to buy locally and Dakota knew he wanted a low-pressure environment. And this is exactly why they ended up choosing The Diamond Galleria. Both remarked at the dedication to ensuring their happiness, and we are so glad we were able to do that! After visiting other stores, they found that at The Diamond Galleria they were treated like family – and that made all the difference. Thank you for letting us share in your story, Alisha and Dakota, and the best of luck on your love journey.


With Sara and Nathan, it was a whirlwind romance with a happy ending. Once they met, it was an automatic connection and everything just clicked. They knew they were each other’s other haves almost right away! With ring shopping, Nathan knew he wanted to do everything on his own. After browsing multiple places, he landed at The Diamond Galleria, where he felt that local connection he was searching for. It was so important to him that his consultants cared as much as he did about making this moment meaningful for both himself and Sara. We’re so glad we could take part in the making of this moment for this delightful Local Love Story couple!


For Railey and Logan it all started as summertime love. These two lovebirds met at the lake, where both their parents vacationed since they were young. The night this Local Love Story couple met, Logan recalls knowing that Railey was the one right away, even telling one of his close friends “I’m going to marry that girl.” The two later got engaged where they met, at the lake, with the help of a Diamond Galleria engagement ring of course! When it came to the shopping process, Logan admittedly didn’t know much about rings. But our team was able to guide him towards the ring he knew would take Railey’s breath away. As soon as he saw the one, he knew he had to have it and get it on her finger as soon as possible! We’re so glad we could make this experience fun and comfortable for you Logan, thank you for letting us help make your proposal remarkable.


Anna and Jake reconnected years later after having worked together in college, and the rest is history! This Local Love Story couple is the perfect example of “when you know, you know” after they found themselves in a situation where all the pieces fell together in just the right way. Anna and Jake were looking for something very specific when it came to her engagement ring, and found the perfect fit at The Diamond Galleria. After searching around and wanting to buy locally, they ended up at our store. And working with our staff was “a breath of fresh air,” Anna said. We happily accommodated them with all of their needs, as Anna’s ring was somewhat non-traditional, with Morganite as the center stone. Jake even returned to purchase necklaces for Anna’s two wonderful daughters. We truly enjoyed taking part in the creation of this one of a kind ring, thank you for allowing us to, Anna and Jake!


With each fairytale proposal we are a part of, we fall in love with what we do a little bit more! We can’t wait to meet all of our future Local Love Story couples, and are committed to helping you find the ring that will make that proposal moment unparalleled. Here at The Diamond Galleria, it’s more than just another sale – making our customers happy is truly the most important thing to us – especially when one of the biggest moments of their lives is on the line!

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