When an art dealer talks about the history of an artwork – who created it, who has owned it, where has it traveled – they use the term provenance. Diamonds are nature’s artwork and as such each stone has its own unique provenance. Kimberley Certification documents where diamonds come from.


Conflict-Free Diamonds

Kimberley Certification was created in order to exclude conflict diamonds from the world’s gem marketplace. Conflict diamonds are rough diamonds mined in areas controlled by violent insurgent groups seeking to overthrow local legitimate governments. When a diamond is Kimberley Certified, it means that the rough gem that diamond was cut from did not originate in a conflict zone.

The Diamond Galleria is committed to providing our customers with the diamond that is exactly right for you. That’s why we make sure Kimberley Certified diamonds are always available from The Diamond Galleria.


Why Aren’t All of Our Diamonds Kimberley Certified?

Kimberley Certification hasn’t always been available. The Kimberly Process started in 2000; the very first Kimberley Certified Diamonds became available in 2003. Obviously, there are countless diamonds that were mined, cut, and set into fine jewelry prior to that date. These diamonds are not eligible for Kimberley Certification.


Our Diamond Experts Are Always Available To Answer Your Questions

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