5 Jewelry Fashion Tips for the Office

5 Jewelry Fashion Tips for the Office
If I told you that it is possible for styling your outfits to be a breeze with the perfect jewelry each and every time, would you believe me?

It’s no secret that we at The Diamond Galleria are firm believers in using what you wear strategically, especially in the business world. Jewelry is an essential part of the equation. There are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry available in the marketplace providing you with countless styling options. The trick is to discover which pieces add the best finishing touches to your outfit.

Here are five jewelry tips and tricks so you get it right each and every time:

Each piece must add value to your (entire) outfit.
Jewelry is an accessory to enhance yourself and your outfit! There's a fine line between under and over accessorizing. You want to accentuate but not overwhelm an outfit. Think Kendra Scott, for example. Kendra Scott offers a wide variety of both bold and classy statement pieces that could add a ton of value to your outfit. But just because it’s a beautiful or sentimental piece of jewelry does not necessarily mean that it will go with every outfit. You can have fun with your jewelry, just be sure that the fun is adding to your outfit, not subtracting value from it.

  Consider whether your jewelry is proportional to your body frame and facial features.
When selecting an outfit, consider how people will view you. Did you know you can ma control where their eye will travel? Jewelry can help create a good overall picture of "you." The size and placement of jewelry is vital to creating a well-balanced look. Layering is one of our favorite trends (think ALEX AND ANI or multi length necklaces), but sometimes too much layering or too large can draw attention away from your face (and who would want that?!). This is especially important in the business setting. When you’re talking to a client or coworker whose eyes are focused on your earrings or huge necklace and away from your face, the odds of him or her paying attention to you decrease.

  Select jewelry to complement your skin tone as well as your outfit.
Color is huge when it comes to choosing your jewelry. It’s important to be able to select jewelry that not only enhances your outfit, but also looks great on you. Jewelry is a great way to accessorize with pops of color! There’s no need to feel like everything must match perfectly-have fun with color! When jewelry shopping, also look for colors of precious metals and gemstones that complement your skin tone. Ask your local Diamond Galleria design expert to help you pick out the perfect colors for you!

  Choose jewelry that is occasion and outfit appropriate.

Be careful with the tone/vibe of your jewelry and be sure to match it with the happenings of your day. While some sparkling rocks from Tacori might be perfectly appropriate for a date night out, they might be a bit distracting when attending meetings all day.

  Each piece must be versatile.
Buy versatile jewelry! The jewelry guidelines are similar to those for fashions in your closet: have a smaller number of versatile items that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. A great tennis bracelet from Hearts on Fire or Phillip Gavriel hoop earrings can be staple items that can go with multiple outfits. Have a few focal pieces that you can have as statement items to really amp up your look.  
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