7 Tips For Your Perfect Ring Selfie

7 Tips For Your Perfect Ring Selfie

Are you one of the lucky ones who got engaged over the holidays? Chances are you’ve probably looked down at that gorgeous diamond on your finger a couple hundred times since you said yes. But have you managed to get the perfect picture? If not, don’t worry! We’re not all professionals, so we called on our brand photographer extraordinaire - Alisha White of Alisha White Photography - to give us some tips for the perfect engagement ring selfie.

All About The Lighting 

It’s always best to make sure you take advantage of natural light, so if it’s a nice day head outside to snap your photo or take it in a room with lots of windows.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes we need a couple tries to get it just right, so be sure to take a variety of pictures to choose from a variety of different angles.

Find The Perfect Backdrop

To really get that engagement ring to sparkle, you’ll need to find a background that really makes it stand out. Some great options are a picture-perfect skyline or a beautifully bright-colored dress or pillow that mini.

Give Him Some Credit

He’s the one who put that perfect sparkler on your finger, so don’t you think he deserves a little credit? You should be proud of your ring and even more proud of the fella who got it for you, so add him to your photo.

Watch Out For The Zoom

You’re likely going to be using your phone, unless you’re a professional. So, if you want to take a close up of your beauty: stay away from the zoom on your phone--simply move your phone closer instead and be sure to tap the screen to focus. This will help you avoid a pixelated look and make sure that diamond is in perfect focus.

A Little Tweak Goes A Long Way

They made the editing feature for a reason, right? So, do a little trial and error with cropping, contrast, saturation and sharpness to make sure your photo is nothing but absolute perfection.

Make Sure It Comes From The Heart

Believe it or not, it’s not all about the picture...you’ve got to add a caption as well. You’re getting ready to spend the rest of your life with someone you love. He proposed and you said yes. Make sure you have a caption that captures that special feeling. Thanks, Alisha, for being our go-to for gorgeous photos of our selection of jewelry and our beautiful Local Love Story couples!

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