Earring Jacket Trend We’re Loving

Earring Jacket Trend We’re Loving

You already know diamond studs are the little black dress of jewelry. But, did you know you can dress up or dress down your studs for a perfect fit for any occasion? Explore with me how this jewelry staple can become even more versatile with earring jackets.
diamond earring jacketThe versatile jackets come in a couple different versions, but the principle remains the same: the earring jacket is a piece that fits onto your earring post, typically fitted behind the ear lobe and is held in place with a butterfly or clasp. This hangs down behind your ear lobe, as a part of your earring, giving that extra oomph to your look.
If you’re going for a more dramatic look, consider the earring crawler or climber – a look we also love! The earring climber is designed to slide up the ear – creating the illusion of multiple piercings up the ear lobe.
The truth is earring jackets have actually been around for quite some time. However, more recent designs have embraced the trend and offer more versatility than the traditional circular jacket to be worn around the stud, creating a halo effect.

diamond earring jacket trendOur Most Popular Earring Jacket Styles

Under-lobe Earring Jacket – This design sweeps under your ear lobe, adding sparkle and is typically paired with a simple round stud.
Jackets with Pearls – This provides a fresh, modern twist to a timeless gemstone. The mix of sparkle and pearl is sophisticated, yet feminine.
Chandelier + Hoop Drop – The sparkly drop or hoop embrace a more formal look. These designs paired with a simple stud create the dramatic look you need to compliment any formal attire.     earring jacketStyle them up or style them down. Investing in earring jackets provides variety and style.
Turn your daytime style into a classic evening look with one simple addition. The beauty of this piece of jewelry is that the options are endless and the choice is all yours.
Is it time to shop for your first pair of earring jackets, or maybe you have your eye on a pair of diamond stud earrings? -Robin Fleetwood, Diamond Galleria Design Specialist

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