3 Exotic Honeymoon Locations That Must Be on Your List

3 Exotic Honeymoon Locations That Must Be on Your List

For your honeymoon, are you dreaming of sandy beaches… Frozen fruity beverages around the pool… Romantic meals by the ocean… Or maybe some time away from it all with someone special? We’ve got a list of some of our favorite exotic locations that are sure to inspire the hopeless romantic in you!


If you are looking for an island with lots of people and lots to do, we recommend visiting “The Big Island” of Hawaii or Oahu. “The Big Island” has beautiful landscape for the outdoorsy folks and of course, you’ll have to visit the famous, most active volcano in the world:  Kilauea. Thinking Oahu might be your island of choice? You’ll want to be sure to catch some waves and sunshine on one of the most famous beaches, Waikiki Beach. And, don’t forget to stop by historic Pearl Harbor. With Oahu being the most visited island, it’s numerous attractions, restaurants and shopping are sure to please. If you’re more of the laid back, relaxing type, then we suggest either Maui or Kauai. Both of these islands have fewer people and are known for their picturesque landscape: Kauai for its Garden Isle and undeveloped land and forests... Maui for its several different mountain ranges separated by valleys and the famous Road to Hana.


This Florida city is loaded with reasonably priced, luxurious accommodations, shopping and one-of-a-kind eateries. And, don’t forget about Miami’s famous beaches! What most forget is that Miami is geographically located close to the Bahamas, Cuba, Cancun and the Dominican Republic. The water and beaches are amazing with a culture that almost has the feel of being out of the country. Looking to shop? Miami has several shopping areas, including Lincoln Road and the high-end Design District. Combine all of this with the laundry-list of sightseeing and the acclaimed Art Deco style architecture, and you’ve got yourself a lavish vacation spot sure to please.


Finally, if you’re thinking of heading to a place that’s a bit further away, then might we suggest beautiful Greece. From Athens to Crete to the hundreds of islands and ancient structures, this exotic location is definitely worth the trip. You’re able to soak up the sun and relax a bit, while also taking a glimpse into the lives of past societies and history. You might also be surprised to hear that this vacation is actually fairly affordable as well (with the exception of pricey Mykonos). If you manage to stick to the other several Greece islands you are sure to find, plenty of yummy food, friendly locals and reasonably priced accommodations.   Pssst...Did you know that all of these must-see honeymoon locations are also available through the Tacori Journeys program?! Stop by and see us or visit our Tacori Journeys page to see how you can get $100 in travel credit just for trying on a piece of Tacori jewelry and up to $2,500 with your Tacori purchase.   --Janice

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