Getting To Know Bert & Tyna: Why The Wheats Give Back

Getting To Know Bert & Tyna: Why The Wheats Give Back
Giving back to the community is something that I know Bert and Tyna hold near and dear to their hearts. They just love to help those in need within the community. And, after working with them for over 2 years, I have the utmost respect for the balance they maintain between their charity, work and personal lives.

Taking the Lead & Making A Difference

Seeing their charity work secondhand has completely changed my perspective on Bert, Tyna and their business as a whole. I already admired them as intelligent business owners and individuals, but working with their charitable efforts has opened my eyes to their leadership within the community. Through their countless donations, coordinated events, sponsorships and partnerships, they’re able to make such a powerful impact. You can truly see that charity is their passion and they genuinely care about this community and its people. Furthermore, as a leader in tri-state charity, I’ve been able to see them shape this community into an even “better place” for all that live here. Their drive and dedication is inspiring and they encourage others in the community to get involved as well.

Stronger Communities & Community Empowerment

Working with Bert and Tyna to donate time and money ultimately helps to strengthen the community as well. They way they are able to make connections and start a dialogue with people throughout the tri-state and continue to cultivate relationships between community members is admirable. They provide relief for those suffering, struggling or living in poverty locally. They are opening doors for those in need and providing the stepping stones and building blocks needed to cultivate future development within the community. And they’re able to so in a variety of ways, like providing clothes for underprivileged children in the school system or donating money to a local support group for those struggling with disease or addiction.

Meeting Community Members & Creating Connections

Finally, their ability to connect with community members and key leaders in the community is unlike anyone I have ever seen. They collaborate with others to combine resources and knowledge, creating the ultimate impact. And lastly, one of the biggest reasons I admire Bert and Tyna is because they don’t participate in charity for the praise. They do it because it feels good and it just feels right to them. The joy they get from giving back and volunteering is inspiring. When you serve with Bert and Tyna, they make you want to continue to do so, and just be a better person. - Bree Wilzbacher, Diamond Galleria team member

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