Getting To Know Us: Why I Look Up to Bert As A Father

Getting To Know Us: Why I Look Up to Bert As A Father

I never dreamed I could love Bert more than I did the day we said, “I do,” but of course, I was proven wrong. My love for Bert continues to grow with each day that passes, but when I saw him look into Nate’s eyes for the very first time, I sensed this new feeling in my heart. That precise moment will forever be etched in my heart. Because Bert wrote a tribute to me for Mother’s Day, I couldn’t think of a better time than Father’s Day to pay tribute to Bert as a father and express how thankful I am to have him.

Bert Father's DayHis Encouragement

When you become a mother, I feel like you have a constant battle with guilt daily - Am I spending enough quality time with my child? Does he know how much I love him? Am I teaching him everything he needs to know to thrive? Just when I would think I couldn’t handle the stress and guilt of working and not being the “perfect” mother to Nate, Bert was always there to tell me how amazing I was, whether I could see it at that moment or not. His constant encouragement is what has continued to help me through the years--when I was juggling work, Nate’s extracurriculars, meetings, charity events and just about everything else that else that life threw my way, he was always there. He continuously assured me that “my best” was good enough and Nate would always love me no matter what. He encouraged Nate to follow his dreams, even if that meant moving far away after finishing his college education. Even though Nate has lived in Washington DC for the last 5 years, Bert is still there if Nate needs advice. We are proud to see the man our son has grown up to be.

He’s A Teacher

Whether he was confronting our son for something he’d done wrong or comforting him when he needed compassion, Bert was always there for Nate--teaching him valuable life lessons that would stick with him for many years to come. Bert has always had this beautiful sense of calm and control, even when we felt we were close to going over the edge. His response to Nate was always witty and wise, he always had stories to teach him a valuable lesson about life. The way Bert would talk to Nate to make sure he understood each situation is something that is hard to find in a father-- it’s one trait of his I sincerely admire.

He’s Hardworkingbert fathers day

For years, Bert and I have been business partners-- encouraging one another to keep going when times get tough. No matter what life threw our way, Bert would continue to push through every obstacle and calm my fears. He always knew it would work out. He pushed me to follow my dream of opening our jewelry store. He told me to take risks and he would do whatever was needed to make sure Nate and I were taken care of -- this is a promise he made years ago and continues to fulfill this promise each day. Bert, you already know how much I admire you as a father. The love you have for your family is something some families can only dream of and Nate and I are so blessed to have you in our lives each and every day. We love you. -Tyna

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