How Important is a Jewelry Warranty?

How Important is a Jewelry Warranty?

Let’s be honest...warranty can cause confusion. “Does it cost extra?” “Do I need it?" Warranties can sometimes seem like a ploy to pull more money out of customer.

A warranty with the diamond galleria is different.

A warranty with The Diamond Galleria is different. It’s absolutely free, covers more than competitors' warranties and goes where life takes you. And, it’s a way to keep your jewelry looking just a beautiful as it looked the day you bought it. Taking care of your jewelry is just like maintenance on your car. They both need to be checked for general wear and tear of using them day in and day out. Take for example your wedding and engagement ring. Think about the many things we do with our hands each day. How many times have you accidentally bumped your ring? Or maybe you wash your hands often throughout the day and keep your ring on while doing so. All of your daily routines have an effect on your ring--That’s why it’s important for our trained specialists to inspect your ring every 6 months (of course, we hope to see you more). They inspect your ring for things like loose stones, which tend to pop up after continuous hand washing or of course, bumping your beautiful jewels as your moving about each day. Anytime you’re in the store, ask for a cleaning, and we’ll get it back to the sparkle that catches glances across the room. Our Preferred Jewelers’ Warranty provides you coast-to-coast coverage, which means you can get your jewelry serviced even if you travel or move outside the tri-state area. The Preferred Jewelers’ Warranty is a group of independent local jewelers, like us. Authorized Retailers are in most states as well as parts of Canada and the Caribbean. It’s what we like to call an unexpected value, and you deserve it! It really comes down to one thing--creating long lasting relationships with our customers, which is why we thoroughly inspect each and every piece of jewelry that comes into our shop before it’s placed into our showcases. We ensure that each piece is free of flaws, defects or any type of damage--which is exactly what our Preferred Jewelers’ Warranty is. It allows us to keep taking care of your jewelry for you, so you can worry less. - Bert

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