Layer Her With Love This Holiday

Layer Her With Love This Holiday

Winter time isn’t just about layering up with shrugs and scarves... It’s also the perfect time to layer that special lady in your life with love..and maybe even some jewels. And this season our store is packed with some of the hottest new styles, perfect for layering. Here’s a few helpful tips on how to create a signature layer. Keep it Simple - When you’re deciding on the perfect layer for your winter look, it’s best to limit to one aspect of your look. Choose to layer your necklaces, bracelets or rings, not all of the above. This will help to keep your look simple and classy, not overwhelming your other pieces. One exception to this rule, however, is with delicate, dainty jewelry… If you’re wearing a variety of delicate styles, then it’s okay to go a little crazy! layer love holiday Let the Jewelry Speak for Itself - The whole idea of layers is to let your jewelry make the statement. So, don’t overpower it with a boldly colored outfit or a busy print. Try layering your jewelry with a more simple, neutral-colored outfit. And wear a shorter sleeve -- or roll up your sleeves -- if you’ve created a stacked bracelet look. Mix it up with Variety - Creating a dynamic jewelry layer is all about the mix, so when you’re putting your layer or stack together, be sure to choose different styles, textures, colors, materials, metals...etc. Be creative and have fun… Make a layer or stack that is a style all your own and tells the world who you are! Once you’re ready to create your own signature layer or create one for her, here’s a few of our favorite pieces and brands that make layering her look a breeze:

Sparkly Dangles for the Wrist

When you choose to stack or layer your bracelets, create a structured look with a variety of different styles -- bangles, charm bracelets, gemstone bracelets, woven cloth bracelets and hammered metal cuffs. Implementing all or a variety of these styles helps to break up a delicate arm stack and gives you an edgy, bold look. Some styles you’ll want to check out in store this year are our collection of ALEX AND ANI bracelets. They have a variety of different looks and styles, with a fun mix of metals, gemstones and charms. Our newest line, Anna Beck, provides a boho look with hammered bangles, mixed metals, and hand-crafted styles with inspiration from the Indonesian culture. Our Hera brand is another one to check out for a more traditional look, with a fun mixture of metals, stones and textures. For a more delicate look, check out Gabriel & Co.’s Bujukan collection-bracelets with a delicate arc of gold balls,  radiant mini-clusters of diamonds and chains of perfect gold circles.

Some Extra Style Around the Neck

For creating a layer of necklaces, don’t forget to consider the neckline of the shirt you are wearing-- the two should work together, not against one another. With a high neckline, consider the pattern and/or color of your clothing and how it will flow with your jewelry selection. If you’re thinking about how many necklaces to add, there’s really no right or wrong answer here, although most will argue you should stick with an odd number. In most cases, combinations of 3 or 5 necklaces in varying lengths, styles and textures tend to work best. When you stop in to shop with us, check out our exclusive Kendra Scott, Anna Beck, and Gabriel & Co collections for your necklace layering. Anna Beck and Kendra Scott provide you with a variety of options, mixing metals, gemstones and textures, while Gabriel & Co features diamonds and mixes white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

A Little More Bling with a Ring {or Two}

If you're creating a stacked layer of rings, try mixing a fancy diamond ring with simple mixed metal bands on either side in a variety of interesting shapes. Again, there’s no rule of thumb on how much is too much -- just figure out how many rings feel and look right to you. If you’re stacking rings on one finger consider mixing in full size + midi rings. This helps to create that fun, modern look. One thing to remember is to keep stacking to a minimum on the left hand if you are sporting a beautiful engagement ring...You wouldn’t want to distract from its beauty. Come visit us on the corner of Burkhardt & Vogel! We’d love to show you our collections and some of our most popular stacking options.

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