Local Love Story: Daniel and Jason

Local Love Story: Daniel and Jason

How They Met

A mutual friend suggested that Daniel and Jason meet. It took a little convincing to finally get Daniel to agree, but Daniel finally introduced himself by stopping by Jason’s work as a helicopter nurse. They hit it off and ended up talking for a couple hours. That was 11 years ago.

Building A Life Together

The two had already been together 9 years and had adopted a little girl before they were able to marry in Indiana. When the law was finally passed for same sex marriage, the two were beyond ready, and excited, to officially be married. In their eyes, they had already been a family for several years, but this was a way for them to make it legal, to feel as they were “equal members of society.” Now-a-days, life tends to be pretty hectic with a 16-year-old daughter and both spouses having demanding, busy careers; however, our local love story couple finds happiness in the chaos and when they find time alone they enjoy going out with friends or catching up on movies at home.

Finding Wedding Bands at The Diamond Galleria

The couple had already been wearing symbolic rings, but Jason wanted their rings to mean something more, which is when they decided to go to The Diamond Galleria to get new bands for the wedding. Daniel served on a local nonprofit board with Bert and admired his and Tyna’s commitment to the community, so he put his trust in the DG team. As they looked through the large selection of wedding rings at The Diamond Galleria, the two weren’t really sure what they were looking for, but as fate would have it, they each ended up picking out a ring for the other, which made their experience even more special. They commented on the experience, price and outstanding quality<.

Their Experience & How It Can Help You

Looking back on their experience at The Diamond Galleria, Daniel says, “we wouldn’t change a thing. As soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted by the staff and never once felt we were treated differently nor did we feel pressured to make a purchase.” “Everyone was very kind and friendly and treated us like family. Jason and I would recommend them to any race, orientation. I feel that anyone who walks in the doors would get the same great experience as we did. They made us feel so comfortable, and there was absolutely no pressure to buy.” Their advice to you is to go in with an open mind. Daniel said he thinks it’s most helpful to “come in and try on the different styles because you truthfully don’t know what you really want until you try it on and see it.” Both agree that because of the large selection, you may end up liking something you didn’t even know was an option.

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