Local Love Story: Daniel & Katherine

Local Love Story: Daniel & Katherine

Daniel and Katherine are the perfect example of 2 people meeting up at the right time in life. The two had actually gone to middle school together-- in fact, Katherine’s mother was Daniel’s principal-- but it wasn’t until later in life that they discovered they were a perfect match for one another. You know what they say: Mother always knows best ...and for this local couple that couldn’t be more true.

Daniel & Katherine’s Story

Daniel was home for a few days from Nashville when he got a message from Katherine’s mother on Facebook, asking if he could swing by to help her with a few things for a church group. She casually mentioned that her daughter would be home from IU on Wednesday evening, and he should stop in that evening for supper. Daniel made it over on Wednesday night with every intention of only staying about 45 minutes, but he surprised himself when he didn’t end up leaving until after midnight. Daniel said there was such a sense of peace and calmness being in their house that night, and it just drew him in. He knew that was the place for him to be. He and Katherine started seeing each other after that, and Daniel knew after 2 weeks he was going to marry her.

Picking Out The Perfect Ring

When Daniel came in to look at rings, he actually brought someone with him who knew exactly what Katherine liked. He felt comfortable coming to us because he actually knew some people who worked there. Throughout the process of selecting Katherine’s ring, he worked with one of our sales associates, Lori. Picking out the perfect ring for Katherine was easy for him, and it was actually quite a quick process for the both of us. As fate would have it, the day he came in Katherine had commented on one of our rings on Facebook, saying it was the ring she wanted. I think Daniel maybe looked at 2 to 3 rings before he found Katherine’s ring. The very next day he came in, made up his mind and bought it.

Jeweler Going the Extra Mile

At the Diamond Galleria, we know how special it is to search for an engagement ring. We want each person’s experience to be one that they will remember and cherish, so we actually worked with Daniel to help him create a video for Katherine that he planned to use when he proposed. As we were setting the diamond in Katherine’s ring, Daniel was actually there to record it, so he could show Katherine the night of their engagement. We were so impressed by this unique idea, and couldn’t have thought of a better way to make this moment even more memorable for them.

  A very special congratulations to this couple. From all of us here at the Diamond Galleria...thank you for letting us be a part of your journey to forever! Would YOU like to become a Diamond Galleria Local Love Story? Make an appointment or stop by today to find the best selection, pricing, warranty and service HANDS DOWN.

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