Local Love Story: Hanah and Robert

Local Love Story: Hanah and Robert
Hanah and Robert met 5 ½ years ago after their friends played a little bit of matchmaker. It turns out their friends knew what they were doing. 

How They Knew It Was Forever

It’s plain to see that this couple’s chemistry is truly amazing to watch. In fact, Robert says he knew that Hanah was the one by simply looking at her -- she’s perfect, she’s beautiful. He also loves how being with her is so much fun. They can somewhat step away from all the seriousness that life brings and just enjoy one another. As for Hanah, she knew their love was destined for forever when she saw how well Robert meshed with her family. Once seeing that, she knew they were meant to be.

The Proposal

Robert and Hanah were heading down to the lake for a weekend with his family. Robert told Hanah a little white lie, asking her to get dressed up for a neighborhood cookout--little did Hanah know that later that evening she would have a ring on her finger and a fiance. To set the mood for the proposal, Robert took Hanah on a romantic boat ride at sunset, and upon returning to the dock, Hanah got a picturesque surprise… Robert had the boat dock lit up in beautiful lights, and all of their friends and family there to watch. Once they hopped off the boat, Robert got down on one knee and asked Hanah to marry him.

Picking Her Perfect Ring

The couple had met Bert & Tyna previously, and loved how personable the couple was. When Robert started looking for rings, he knew he wanted to shop at The Diamond Galleria because he knew the owners were trustworthy. It was owned by a local couple, and they had an amazing warranty that would cover his purchase--no matter what.

When it came time to start looking, Robert got to work with Robin, and he absolutely loved how she helped him every step of the way. Robert commented, “Picking out a ring can be stressful...You want to make sure you’re getting the right thing, and at The Diamond Galleria, they never pushed me and worked with me for months to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.” The couple also love how they can continue to bring the ring back to the sparkle bar for cleaning and regular maintenance to ensure it looks just as good as the day it was purchased.

In the end, Robert said he wouldn’t have done anything differently. Getting his ring at The Diamond Galleria was “perfect” -- Robin was remarkable throughout the process, and the hassle-free environment put him at ease and ensured that he was getting the best price and the best value available.  
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