Local Love Story: Blake + Kaylee

Local Love Story: Blake + Kaylee

This fun-loving couple met on The University of Evansville’s campus through mutual friends. At the time, Kaylee was freshman running cross-country and Blake was a junior playing basketball. When they crossed paths for the first time one evening, Blake says he couldn’t think of anything better to say than, “You’re too beautiful to be true.” They both agree it was a bit corny, but it’s clear there must have been something special because they’re now planning a life together.

How They Knew It Was Forever

If you ask Kaylee, she’d say it was their shared love for “Friends” and “The Office” that told her Blake was the one. Of course, she also thought it was a sign he called her mother “Mama B.” But, Blake says he knew it was forever during their second summer together as a couple. They were spending a lot of time together – going to the Newburgh riverfront, traveling to Cardinals games – and for him, all the time they spent together seemed so much more fun and meaningful. He didn’t want to think about life with anyone else.

On Bended Knee

Blake admits the proposal was a bit nerve-racking for him – there were so many pieces that had to fit together in order for it all to go smoothly. He made Kaylee believe they were heading to Dallas, their soon-to-be new home, only to hunt for apartments. The truth… he was going to propose. And, he was flying her parents in, along with his mother from South Carolina. 

Kaylee + Blake | Local Love Story Blake’s plan started to go awry when they missed their flight and Kaylee said they should just forget the whole trip. But, Blake insisted they still go, even though they were starting 2 hours behind schedule. It would only be Blake’s 3rd time to Dallas, but he knew he wanted to propose on this beautiful bridge that overlooked the skyline – a place they both loved. After a few hiccups on the trip, he finally managed to get Kaylee to the bridge for a walk. And, as he pulled out the ring and started to pop the question...He didn’t even get to finish his sentence because Kaylee immediately said “Yes!” before hearing the question.

The Diamond Galleria: The Best Place to Go for a Beautiful Ring + Great Price

When it came time to find Kaylee’s ring, the whole process actually happened fairly quickly. Blake had previously gotten Kaylee an A. Jaffe Map Your Moment necklace from The Diamond Galleria that has the location of UE on it – where they met. Because of the great experience he had at The Diamond Galleria when buying her the necklace, he decided he didn’t want to go anywhere else to find her ring. Kaylee already knew what type of ring she wanted and sent Blake several pictures. 

Ironically, the same day Blake was scheduled to come in the store and look at rings, Kaylee stopped in to pick up something she’d won through a contest on our Facebook page. While there, she met Robin who suggested she make a wishlist. Within a few seconds of her explaining to Robin what she was looking for, she was staring at her dream ring – a halo diamond engagement ring from Verragio. Later that day, when Blake stopped in for his appointment, Robin showed him Kaylee’s wishlist – where only one ring had made the list, which made his job effortless.

The two admitted they were both equally blown away at how welcoming Robin and the entire staff at The Diamond Galleria were. They were offered drinks while they shopped and never once felt pressure to make a purchase they weren’t comfortable with. And Blake couldn’t believe how helpful Robin “the diamond expert” was. She, along with Libbey and Kennedy, walked him through everything, giving him a full tutorial of engagement rings, specific styles and diamond cuts. In the end, Blake walked out with Kaylee’s dream ring, and felt like he got the best deal in town.

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