Local Love Story: Kyle + Bree

Local Love Story: Kyle + Bree

The Beginning

When Bree reflects back on the first night she and Kyle met, she can’t help but still feel a bit embarrassed. A friend introduced them to one another at the USI baseball team’s National Championship party, and Bree admits the only thing she could nervously spew out at the time was, “Oh my gosh! I follow you on Instagram!” When the words came stumbling out of her mouth, the only thing she could think to do was scurry off. Little did she know,, Kyle thought her corny joke was just as cute as she was, saying that it ultimately set the foundation for their relationship in the future: fun and goofy. These days--between the laughs and fun--the couple enjoys going for walks and flying kites on USI’s campus, downtown along the river and on the Burdette Trails with the newest addition to their family, their dog Boots.

She Said, “Yes!”

It was Monday, and Bree admitted she was more than ready to spend some quality time with Kyle at the park. Kyle had asked to leave work early so he could head to the park to set up everything for the proposal. He had been working on a special kite for months spending hours cutting out fabric and hand-sewing lettering on it so it would be perfect. Once Bree arrived at the park, Kyle told her to wait until she saw the kite in the sky. When Bree saw the 19-foot-wide kite go up, she and Boots headed towards Kyle and immediately saw the words “Marry Me?” sewed on it and Kyle dropped down on his knee. Bree comments that it was “the best day of her life.” The couple giggled as they admitted several of their friends tease them about their little kite ritual. But, for Bree, she wouldn’t have had it any other way. The proposal was perfect for them and very sentimental--something they’ll be able to keep with them forever and share with their children.

The Diamond Galleria Experience

When Kyle decided it was time to start shopping, he knew we was going to The Diamond Galleria. Bree works at The Diamond Galleria and had already sent him several pictures of engagement rings she liked from their Facebook and Instagram. Kyle went in several times and became great friends with Robin there. “She showed me everything and was very hands on, which was helpful, since I had no idea what I was looking for. She would even text me when I was in the decision making process to see if I had any additional questions and always made me feel so comfortable.” Kyle loved the low-pressure, no-rush-to-buy atmosphere. That along with their warranty was very important to him. And Bree couldn’t be happier that Kyle chose the Diamond Galleria. “Whenever you buy local, the money goes back into this community. When you shop at places like The Diamond Galleria, you’re not only supporting the individuals and families of those who work here, but those individuals and families in need in the Evansville community.”
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