Local Love Story: Zachary and Taylor

Local Love Story: Zachary and Taylor
They say nothing happens by chance and that couldn’t be more true of these two local lovebirds. Both Zachary and Taylor grew up here in Evansville, but their paths never crossed until right before college. Taylor recalls seeing Zachary show up several times on her friends’ Facebook photos and thinking to herself, “I really want to get to know that boy.”  She never imagined she would actually get to meet the guy from the photos, but as fate would have it, they both showed up to the same graduation party.  Zachary immediately noticed Taylor’s bright smile and infectious personality and knew he had to make a move and get to know her better. And the rest is history. After four years of dating, Zachary decided it was time to propose. They planned a trip to Florida and Zachary put together a beautiful photoshoot and proposal on the beach. Zachary notes that it was hard to keep himself together, but he knew he wanted to spend forever with her.


When it came time to shop for the perfect ring, Zachary knew exactly what he was looking for and he knew exactly where to find it. Taylor started following The Diamond Galleria Instagram page several years ago and since then had been hinting to Zachary exactly what she liked. She says she never thought he was actually listening or taking the hint that she wanted something from The Diamond Galleria, but little did she know, he had been planning to come into our store for a while.  Zachary didn’t even think to visit any other jewelry stores. He says, “If you’re getting the ring for the girl of your dreams, you want to get the ring that she wants from the place that she wants. That’s why I chose The Diamond Galleria.” When he actually came into our store, he felt very welcome and at ease. He worked with Janice who helped guide him to the perfect ring for Taylor. Zachary knew he had made the right decision on the ring as soon as he looked into Taylor’s eyes the first time she laid eyes on it.


We loved having the opportunity to add such a special piece to Zachary and Taylor’s love story.  Our local love stories are such an integral part of our business and we love being able to share those special moments with all the couples that come into our store. Seeing the smiles on our customer’s faces and knowing that we helped put them there, now that is something that can’t be beat.
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