How Do I Look for Value in an Engagement Ring?

How Do I Look for Value in an Engagement Ring?

Blame it on the family gatherings, the mistletoe or even overflowing glasses of wine and cocktails, but it’s no secret that the upcoming holiday season is prime time for popping the question. Deciding to get married can not only be a very happy decision for you and your future spouse, but a very expensive one as well. When deciding to get engaged and plan a wedding, you’ll have a lot running through your mind, but stressing over your budget and overspending on an engagement ring shouldn’t be one of them. At The Diamond Galleria, we are dedicated to helping each of our customers get the best value at their own budget. We know that advertisers, social media and society can conditioned couples to believe that the size and price of the diamond somehow relates to the level of love and devotion, but that simply isn’t true. When it comes time to start the search for an engagement ring, consider these tips so you can know you’ve gotten value in your ring without breaking the bank: 

Stop stressing over engagement ring budget calculators.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the myth that you should spend X month’s salary on an engagement ring. While some believe this to be true, that “standard” doesn’t account for your unique financial situation. While we wish there was some secret formula to give us exactly how much each couple should spend on a ring, there isn’t.   The best advice we can give is to honestly look at your income and expenses and decide upon a budget before shopping. Be realistic about how much you can afford or the level of debt you’re willing and able to take on and for how long. And with our stress-free environment, you won’t have to worry about being pressured into going over your budget. We even offer many financing options that will allow you to get the ring you fall in love with. If spreading the payment out over a longer period of time works best in your budget, we have several no interest options and even 60 month offers at a low interest rate. We love making our clients happy and we will work with you to get the ring you both love.  

Consider Shopping for the Engagement Ring Together

You might say, “But I want the engagement to be a surprise! I don’t want her to know what I’m buying!” We understand wanting the engagement to be a surprise, but for some, bringing your future spouse along to look at possible rings, you can get a better picture of the engagement ring she truly wants. If shopping for the ring together isn’t your ideal situation, simply talking about features like size, cut and style will provide you with more direction. We also recommend asking her family and friends and searching her Pinterest boards. Whether you shop solo or as a couple, keep in mind that you’ll always have the surprise of the actual proposal. The moment you’ll both remember for years to come. 

Understand as Much as Possible About How Diamonds are Classified

In the same way you would check the Blue Book value of a car before you buy it, or the ratings of a high-end restaurant before you book a reservation, there are comparisons you can make in the quality and value of diamonds based on their grade. The “Four C’s of Diamonds” refer to the stone’s color, clarity, carat (weight or size) and cut. As you are starting to compare diamonds and trying to work within your budget, consider how you might:

  • Get a beautiful, sparkling diamond by focusing on the cut while sliding down the scale a few levels on color and clarity.
  • Get a large diamond, but scale back a fraction of a carat (10-20 points) to save money.
  • Buy a lower weight diamond but a near-ideal or ideal cut, focusing on the diamond’s radiance and beauty and putting less emphasis on the size.

The truest way to understand the Four C’s and to learn which one matters most to you is to actually compare diamonds in the store. Our diamond experts are trained in analyzing diamonds, and we absolutely love going through this process with new diamond shoppers. Because it’s not all about classifications, it’s about what you like best.  

Custom Design May Be the Way to Go

Going custom with your engagement ring design will sound complicated and expensive, but it’s really not. One thing you’ll find out is that the diamond and the setting do not always have to come as one package. It’s easier to buy a ring as you see it, but you can buy the setting and the diamond separately, and then have our design experts make your own custom ring. Or the other end of spectrum is doing a complete design of your engagement ring. With custom design, anything that you or she can imagine on her dream ring is in reach.   So now that you know how to get the most value in an engagement ring without breaking your budget, it’s time to set that budget and come into The Diamond Galleria or check out our engagement ring gallery online. We offer you the largest selection of loose diamonds in the tristate, the best financing options for your purchase and the best warranty to protect you. Because at The Diamond Galleria making you happy means everything to us!

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