Neil & Lynda: Local Love Story

Neil & Lynda: Local Love Story

And so it Began

Neil and Lynda had known each other for years. But it wasn’t until Lynda’s friend Angela suggested she message Neil that their love story began. They are both from Henderson, Kentucky and share mutual friends.  A few days after Lynda reached out, they met up for their first date--a drive around town and a peaceful walk in the park, sharing their stories.

Meant to Be

Lynda admits that, at first, it seemed too good to be true--could someone really be this sweet and trustworthy? The way he treated her was unlike any way she had ever been treated, which is what made her fall in love. Neil said he was amazed at how naturally their relationship evolved through common interests--fishing, cruising around town, taking walks along the riverfront and most importantly their paths in life. She was perfect for him.

Shopping for the Ring

The only day Neil had available to shop for the ring happened to be the same day Lynda was in town for a doctor’s appointment, which made him even more nervous. Neil came to the Diamond Galleria because he knew that Lynda had a life-long relationship with Bert and Tyna. Bert walked him through the entire process, finding something in his budget and completely flawless. As for Lynda, she admits that the ring couldn’t be more perfect. And, she is so thankful for Bert and Tyna, “They are very well respected people, and I admire them for all they do. They put their heart and soul into it, and they want their customers to be pleased because they care. I am so thankful they helped Neil make this decision and were able to be a part of it.” Neil wouldn’t change a thing about his experience at The Diamond Galleria, “The quality of service was awesome. They were able to help me navigate a huge selection of merchandise based on my budget. And, I got really good deal on a beautiful diamond ring. It’s actually worth a lot more than what I paid for it.”
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