Perfect Proposal: It's All About Presentation

Perfect Proposal: It's All About Presentation

The story of how you propose will be told to friends, family, coworkers and even strangers for the rest of your life. Do you find yourself ready to pop the question, but unsure of how to make your proposal extra special? Coming up with the perfect way to ask those four little words can be a challenge. A good proposal is really all about the presentation. We’re here to help you with those small details! That’s why we’ve even come up with a few tips to make it the perfect unforgettable proposal moment:

Choose the perfect proposal location

You don’t want to choose just any location for this moment, you want it to be special… It could be the restaurant where you had your first date, the rooftop bar where you shared your first kiss, the city she studied abroad, or the spot where you first said "I love you." Choosing this setting for your proposal signifies that your relationship has come full circle. Top it off with a Map Your Moment A. Jaffe necklace and she’s sure to say “yes!"

Propose earlier in the evening

Instead of proposing at the end of the night, after a romantic dinner, carriage ride, concert or other activity, why not start off at the place where you'll pop the question and then enjoy an evening filled with events that you've planned. That way, you won't be nervous all night and she gets an entire night of wearing and showing off that engagement ring, right now. (And, ask us about our ultra slim ring boxes that fit discretely in your pocket!)

Surprise her by having family and friends share in the moment you got engaged

They could be right there with you, perhaps at a family gathering or holiday dinner. Or, if you'd like the proposal to be just the two of yo,d arrange to have your closest loved ones just out of view, maybe looking on from a nearby vantage point. After you pop the question and she says "yes," wave everyone in for a big group hug and lots of congratulation. And what better way to make a memorable presentation than to celebrate afterwards with a bottle of Dom Pérignon?

Hire a professional photographer

One of the best things you can do to make the proposal memorable is to hire a photographer or videographer to capture the proposal. Expert photographers know how to capture the light, make your setting look even more magical, and position themselves perfectly to get a priceless shot of the look on her face when she realizes what's happening. You’ve got one shot to find the best engagement ring and plan the perfect proposal. But don’t worry, The Diamond Galleria is always here to help you pull out all the stops. If you’re planning to get down on one knee anytime soon, we’re having a special event just for you this weekend. There’s nothing better than a Hearts on Fire diamond and a bottle of Dom Perignon to give your proposal that extra “oomph” it needs. At our Hearts on Fire weekend event we’re offering incredible savings on all Hearts on Fire purchases, plus we'll throw in a complimentary bottle of Dom Pérignon and 0% financing or save the sales tax. If you’re struggling to hash out those extra details, we’d love to help! Give us a call or stop by today!

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