The Perfect Ring Style to Match Her Personality

The Perfect Ring Style to Match Her Personality
Princess or Round? Marquee or Cushion? Vintage or Traditional? Simple or Intricate? There’s just so many choices...YIKES! It can be hard finding a ring that’s just right for her. Rest easy my fellow men... finding her perfect ring is much easier than you think! You know her personality inside and out, so believe it or not, just by knowing the ins-and-outs of all things “her,” you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to land on a ring design that fits her to a “T.” Let’s take a look at what each cut says about her personality:

Diamond Solitaire

This woman tends to be an extraverted, strong leader that enjoys time socializing with others. She loves to know the facts and makes her decisions based on logic--thinking things through completely and systematically. When it comes to her lifestyle, she prefers structure. For her, a diamond solitaire is the logical choice--it’s classy and timeless--and naturally a perfect choice for every outfit and occasion!

Princess Cut  

This quite popular square cut diamond’s name says it all: royalty. If she’s a strong, confident and independent woman (like a royal ruler), she’s likely to choose a princess cut. She’s outgoing and spontaneous--very confident in all the choices she makes. She prefers to take life with ease and simply goes with the flow.


This classic round cut describes a girl whose dependability is her strongest trait. She’s warm and friendly--consistently striving to ensure she’s there for those she loves in times of need. She’s trendy and likes her diamonds like she likes her clothes, jewelry, and accessories: able to withstand the test of time.


The marquise cut describes a woman that’s a good mix of feelings and structure. She’s big on her values, yet she likes to the attention of others and influencing others to do what’s best for them based on their feelings and intuition. This elegant cut is the perfect choice for an inspirational girl who remains true to herself and her feelings.


If it’s modesty that describes her, then the unique pear-shape may be the cut for her. She is thoughtful and self-aware and advocates for others when needed; however, she possesses a quiet demeanor, prefers little attention on herself, and trusts her intuition will provide the guidance she needs to navigate life and maintain her daily structure.

Emerald Cut

Does your lady love a good debate? Does she take life’s challenges with stride? Then the emerald cut may be her diamond. Her personality is best described by her curiosity, smarts, and somewhat sly, devious ways. She’s sophisticated (just like her choice of diamond), but most of all she’s daring and bold.

Asscher Cut 

Is she a fan of the arts? Is she a vintage gal inside and out? This cut is beautiful, ornate and dramatic, just like her. If this is her, this diamond is sure to match her flamboyant, lively and animated personality. You can also take a style quiz to help you choose.  
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