Proposal Ideas that are Sure to Make Her Friends Jealous

Proposal Ideas that are Sure to Make Her Friends Jealous
So, you’ve already found the perfect girl… You’ve picked out the ring of her dreams. Now, how are you going to pop the big question? Of course you want it to be memorable, but how can you make sure she and her friends will be talking about your proposal for years to come?

Memory Walk

This idea is perfect for the outdoor-loving couples. Simply take her on a nature walk through your favorite park or wooded area and create a “walk down memory lane” with pictures from some of your favorite memories as a couple. You can print the pictures out and pin them to the trees you’ll walk past. Once you get to the end of “memory lane,” create a sign that says “Our Engagement,” and have a camera waiting to capture the moment.

Movie Scene Remake

Do you love to watch movies together? If so, I’m sure you have your favorites as a couple and you certainly know her favorite romantic scenes, so why not recreate it? It’s every little girl’s dream to have their happily ever after, just like the movies. Do some research on her favorite movie, watch it to gather all the details, and you’re ready to recreate it!

Photo Booth

Has she always said she would love to capture her proposal live, so she can see that memorable, once-in-a-lifetime reaction? You could always have a friend close by to capture the moment while in hiding OR you could take her out on a fun-filled date, find a local photo booth and totally take her by surprise. This allows you to capture the moment while keeping it intimate and just between the two of you.

Include Your Pet(s)

Got any 4-legged friends you both are fond of? It’s always fun/sweet to include them in your proposal. There are several unique websites online that can help you create a special name tag for the event OR if you prefer to be more creative, create your own sign(s) and make a string to hang them from their neck(s), so they can help you pop the question!

Picture Collage

Our final proposal idea is perfect if your someone special prefers more of a private, intimate proposal. Create a collage with pictures you have taken together as a couple and possibly pictures of each of you as a child to signify your unification as a couple. Fill the room with candles or soft lighting to set the mood before you pop the question. Such a simple, yet romantic way to show her you love her and ask her to spend forever with you. Ready to get started? I'm at The Diamond Galleria on Mondays and Tuesdays each week, and would love to talk about more creative ideas! -Hanna Williams

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