How to Restyle or Upgrade Your Ring to New & Classy

How to Restyle or Upgrade Your Ring to New & Classy

Maybe you’ve been married for 20 years, and you’re thinking it’s time for an upgrade… Or maybe you’ve only been married 5 years, but were on a strict budget for your engagement ring and wedding…No matter where you are in your relationship or why you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade or restyle your ring, The Diamond Galleria can help! Before you get started on this journey, we suggest you take note of a few things: get your current ring appraised, set a budget for your new or restyled ring and have an idea of what type of style you’re going for. There’s no one way to upgrade or restyle your ring, so we recommend taking a look at some of our suggestions below and scheduling a consultation with us to get started.

Change The Setting

A new setting may be just what you need to add a little flair to your center stone. How a diamond is set can dramatically change the appearance of the stone. If you currently have a classic prong setting, you could change it to bezel setting, with a metal rim encircling the stone to bring out the true brilliance of your diamond.

Look at Different Bands

Not too crazy about changing the look of your center stone? Consider changing up the band that holds your stone instead. You can change up the current metal on your band from traditional yellow gold to white gold or platinum. Or change the width of your band from thin to thick. Another popular choice is to add several smaller diamonds around, giving your ring an extra sparkle.

Upgrade or Change the Center Stone

Looking to upgrade to a bigger stone? Maybe to one with more clarity or sparkle? Your current setting might not be able to accommodate a bigger stone, so we can work with you to find a setting that fits your ring. You may also want to consider altering the shape of your current diamond. There’s a variety of different shapes to choose from, including round, princess, emerald, cushion, asscher, and pear...just to name a few. Our jewelers can help you decide which stone, if any, will work well with your current setting and/or band. Keep in mind, you can always repurpose your old diamond(s) as accents on either side of your new diamond.

Add Diamonds or Gemstones

Sometimes all your current ring needs is a little more bling around it. You can also look into adding more diamonds or side stones. Adding a few smaller diamonds clustered around the center stone creates that popular halo look, adding a contemporary and chic design.

Enhance it With an Accent

In most cases, you really don’t need to change your engagement ring at all. Your current engagement ring may only need a little accent. Add a complementary accent band on one or both sides of your current ring… Maybe add an anniversary band or a band for each of your children. This is the perfect way to enhance your current ring without changing it’s original beauty or sentiment that holds so much meaning. Just simply boost its current appearance.

Try on Completely New Styles

If you’re not too attached to your current ring, you can always explore the idea of investing in a completely new engagement ring. This gives you the ability as couple to choose the perfect ring together. Maybe you are a little sentimental about your current ring…that’s fine, too. We have had several clients that chose to repurpose their old engagement ring into pendants, brooches, necklaces or a set of earrings. Some have even created several different pieces that they’ve gifted to their children, grandchildren, or others. No matter what your goal is--upgraded, restyled, reimagined or completely new--The Diamond Galleria is here to help you find or create an engagement ring that matches your style and personality.

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