The Sneaky Guy’s Guide to Getting the Perfect Engagement Ring

The Sneaky Guy’s Guide to Getting the Perfect Engagement Ring
Some ladies make finding their dream engagement ring easy. They’ve got it saved to Pinterest, circled it in magazine, or have even sent you a photo of it. But how do you find the perfect ring for a woman who’s a bit more mysterious? If you’ve talked about getting engaged the answer is simple – just ask her. But if you want to pull off the ultimate surprise proposal, it gets a little more complicated. Still, getting an engagement ring she’ll love almost as much as she loves you isn’t mission impossible. We’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you pull it off.

Check Out Her Jewelry Box

The best place to start is by looking at the jewelry she already has. Does she have a lot of yellow gold – or no yellow gold at all? Are her pieces classic, modern, or eclectic? The jewelry she already wears will tell you a lot about her taste in engagement ring. You’ll be able to find out which metal she likes most, determine if she would like a gemstone center stone or accents, and get an idea of the overall style of her ring. Take photos of designs you see her wearing often and share them with your engagement ring expert – this will help him or her show you the designs that would appeal to her most.
Another pro tip: slip one of her rings on your finger and note where on your finger it fits comfortably, or better yet bring it with you when you shop for her engagement ring if she won’t notice that it’s missing. Having her ring fit perfectly when you slip it on her finger makes your proposal even sweeter!

Listen to Her

Chances are, if you’re ready to give her a ring, she’s ready too… and she’s been thinking about her engagement ring A LOT. Even the more aloof gal is bound to drop casual hints here and there. She might comment on what she loves (or hates) about a ring in a commercial on TV or maybe she’ll tell you that her friend’s solitaire ring is beautiful – but she’d see herself with an engagement ring that’s a little more unique. She may not come right out and tell you exactly what she’s envisioning, but if you listen carefully, you’ll have the foundation to find her perfect ring.

Ask Her BFF For Help

While she won’t spill exactly what she’s looking for in an engagement ring to you, she WILL tell her best friend. Check with her bestie – she might already have the 411! If she doesn’t, ask her to bring it up in a casual conversation and report back to you. One bride’s maid of honor told her she’d started following an engagement ring account on Instagram and had been getting tons of ideas of what she’s want in a ring one day to get the conversation rolling and the bride was none the wiser.

Consult the Experts

When you’ve gathered all your intel, it’s time to meet with the experts. Visit The Diamond Galleria on your lunch break or when you’re “out with friends” – she won’t suspect a thing! We’ll take all the information you’ve gathered and pinpoint engagement rings styles that will appeal most to her. We’ll pull designer engagement rings that are right up her alley, show you different diamond cuts in varying carat weights, even walk you through the custom design process if you’d like to create an engagement ring that is designed just for her.
Now all that’s left for you to do is to plan a surprise proposal that’s just as breathtaking as the ring itself!
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