A Sparkling Valentine’s for Every Stage of Your Relationship

A Sparkling Valentine’s for Every Stage of Your Relationship
Valentine’s Day is a time to show how much your sweetheart means to you, no matter how long you’ve been in each other’s lives. Still, it would be a little unsettling if you gave a diamond ring to the woman you’ve been out on just a few dates with and your wife of 10 years might be a bit disappointed with a card and a candy bar. But don’t worry, we’ve got your cheat sheet for making this Valentine’s divine with the perfect gifts for relationships at every stage.

Puppy Love

Ahh to be young (or young at heart) and in love! At this point you’re still figuring each other out, but it’s not too early to show her you can’t wait to celebrate more holidays and occasions together. Alex and Ani and Kendra Scott jewelry are the perfect price point for couples who are crazy about each other, but haven’t been together for ages.

Long Term Relationship

The A. Jaffe Map Your Moment necklace is perfect for long term couples – it’s a wearable snapshot of a special location from your relationship, like the place where you met or shared your first kiss. And of course, if she’s been waiting on a ring, Valentine’s is certainly not a bad time to propose ;)


If you’ve already popped the question this Valentine’s Day give her something special to wear when she walks down the aisle. From right hand rings and bracelets to earrings, surprise her with her “something blue” from Tacori!


Don’t let the romance die after you’ve exchanged wedding rings! Adding an anniversary band to her bridal set is the perfect way to say you love her even more today than the day you said “I Do.” Or really wow her by upgrading the diamond in her engagement ring or resetting her stone in a ring that better suits her current style.
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