Steering Him to the Ring That's Right for You

Steering Him to the Ring That's Right for You

Hello, ladies! This is Tyna. You know, you can influence a decision even when you’re not directly consulted. Thank goodness! We love our guys. They do so much for us and they give us their best. Still, they may not excel at picking up subtle cues. And I have never met a man who reads minds well. Unfortunately, in many of our social customs about marriage and engagements, the guys have to select just the right stone and setting to let you know how much they treasure you. That’s not really fair, is it? Fortunately, we can help them. Men genuinely appreciate your help when it comes to ring shopping. We don’t suggest pushing the idea of an engagement ring if you’ve not had that conversation. But you can prepare … Here are a few ways you may help your man find just the engagement ring you’re looking for.

Start looking together

diamond engagement ring shopping, evansville coupleWhen you are out together, take a stroll past a jewelry aisle or store window. You don’t need to go into the store. Just window shop. Look at all the jewelry. Point out the things you like about the pieces on display. If you're really ready, send him or come together to our Everything Diamond & Bridal Event April 7th & 8th where you'll get to choose from an incredible selection + special once-a-year pricing. 

Tell what you like… but be patient. He needs help, not high pressure.

Share comments about rings you see on TV or people wearing in person. Here again, tell him what you like, but also share the things you don’t like. This is a hint to him that you’ve thought about this and that you have a preference.

Enlist family or friends

A client Kalyn hinted to her boyfriend that her friend Leslie would be a good person to talk to about rings because she knew Kalyn’s style so well. In Kalyn’s case, the friends had come to look at rings together, so Leslie really did know exactly what Kalyn liked. When he called her, Leslie emailed him some suggestions. And that’s another good tool … pinterest, dream engagement rings

Pinterest, Instagram and other digital direction

As you’re doing your research, save links to engagement rings you really like. Start a Pinterest board. Whether they are rings in Evansville or from a national designer. You may even want to leave the board open when he’s around. Maybe. Email the links or share them in social media posts to your friends. Again, keep him informed but be patient about how much and how often you share.

Design it together

Another option removes the element of surprise from the ring, but leaves it intact for the proposal. Create a custom ring. Make it clear to him that you would like a custom-made ring before he proposes. Then come up with ring ideas together. Make it a couple’s project. A custom ring is a process built from your vision and has some strong advantages:

  • He knows what you want.
  • You know what you’re getting.
  • You both can focus on making the rest of your engagement special.

engagement ring, bridal jewelry, event We get to be a part of a lot of love stories at The Diamond Galleria. I can tell you from long experience that these suggestions have helped many couples resolve the dilemma of “getting the ring right.” I hope they prove useful to you as well. And if you can make it, our Everything Diamond & Bridal Event is the perfect opportunity to get him into the store.

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