Styling Your Pearls from Work to Play

Styling Your Pearls from Work to Play

Who said pearls were just for cocktail parties, weddings and black tie events? A beautiful set of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace and bracelet set can be one of the most versatile jewelry pieces in your jewelry box.

Casual & Everyday Wear

Pearls stylingPearls can be a great addition to your outfit when running errands, shopping or enjoying a casual night out with friends. A freshwater pearl necklace pairs best with casual favorites like a modern pair of sneakers, skinny jeans, tank tops and tees, flowy sundresses or leather jacket. This simple addition can pull your entire outfit together, giving you a bit of a whimsical, yet contemporary style.

A white pearl necklace is the way to go if you’re looking for a versatile pearl piece to match any outfit in your closet. Want to mix it up a bit or add some flair? Consider trying some pink or colored pearls for a different illusion. But, remember colored pearls look best with darker colors.

Some other pearl necklace styles that pair well with casual looks include a choker pearl necklace for virtually any neckline--sweetheart, v-necks and boat necks to name some of our favorites,  a princess necklace for high or low necklines or a rope pearl necklace to “glamor” things up a bit. Want to spice it up a bit? Consider layering pearl strands to make your look stand out.

Formal & Black Tie Affairs

pearlsOf course, you can never go wrong with adding a classy set of pearls to your formal or black tie apparel. If you’re looking into getting a choker pearl necklace, this look pairs best with a strapless or spaghetti-strap dresses, off-shoulder gown, or a deep plunging neckline.

For more formal work attire at the office, a single strand white pearl necklace is ideal, and versatile. They pair well with dresses, work suits, blazers and slim-fit jackets. But, they are a great compliment to a buttoned shirt or crew neck blouse as well.

Looking to create that wow factor? Add a multi-strand pearl necklace to your simply elegant gown, and there you have it. A more simple, solid color dress helps to highlight the true beauty of the pearls.

Other Fun Pearls

pearlsA set of pearl drop earring add a touch of refinement to any modern outfit and can be a go-to accessory to any outfit. Pendant pearl necklaces also offer another modern twist to any style. Since the pendant is the focus of the necklace, be sure to match it with your outfit color.
No matter how you decide to wear your pearls make sure that you match them to the occasion. If you’re worried about over-doing it, select a pearl piece that's a bit more understated.
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.. From exquisite pearl necklaces to beautiful earrings to elegant rings and more, you’re sure to find a timeless piece that you’ll love.

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