Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs for 2018

Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs for 2018
Trying to decide on the perfect engagement ring to surprise your one and only this holiday season? Looking to drop him a hint on your favorite bling? The possibilities are endless, making it difficult to decide. If you need help help deciding, check out our top 5 engagement ring designs for 2018.

Solitaire + Stackable Bands

It’s true what they say… the classics never go out of style. And, even though the shimmering diamond solitaire has evolved over the years, this single diamond nestled in a six-prong setting remains a treasured design to symbolize your commitment to one another. Looking to make a solitaire design all her own? Know that she can pair it with stackable wedding bands. These bands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and metals, making the mixing-and-matching that much more versatile. Plus, it gives you the ability to add to it in the future for anniversaries or the birth of a child.

Halo or Bloom Style

One stunning design that’s really made an appearance in 2018 is the Halo or Bloom setting. This design comes from a square or rectangular-like diamond with curved corners and a row of diamonds encircling it, giving the illusion of a larger center diamond! Another popular design this year is a round center stone, with a double halo of diamonds encircling it. Most designers offer halo versions of a variety of rings they sell, but keep in mind you can also customize your ring and add a halo to virtually any design. halo style engagement rings

The Three Stone Ring

You can blame the popularity of this engagement ring style on the Brits--more specifically Prince Harry’s ring selection for American actress Meghan Markle. The world seemed to be in complete awe of her flawless three-stone design. If you’re looking to give her a look to mimic the royal trend, consider a timeless, round-cut diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side.

Rings With A Pop Of Color

Pop of color sapphire engagement ring You can add color to her engagement ring in a variety of ways--mixing metals on the design, adding two-tone accent bands around the design or even adding colored gemstones. If you’re looking to stray from the traditional white gold or platinum, consider the soft, subtle glow of rose gold--it’s said to add a touch of romance to the design. If you want to create a truly unique design, consider mixing metals of white gold, rose gold and/or yellow gold. Most designers offer this option to customize the ring to your specific wishes. Finally, if she’s a bit spunky or likes an added flair, consider mixing it up by swapping the center stone for another precious gemstone or complimenting her diamond with blue sapphires on either side.


Unexpected Shapes & Elongated Center Stones

Finally, if you’re looking to give her the ultimate surprise, consider choosing a center stone that’s somewhat unexpected. Some of the most popular “unexpected” shapes of 2018 were oval, elongated cushion, emerald, and pear. If you’re going for a vintage look, you can’t go wrong with an elegant oval cut. No matter the unique design you choose as her center stone, it can completely change the look of the ring, giving her a design that’s sure to turn every head in the room. Visit our showroom or check out our holiday catalog for more design inspiration for each of these styles this holiday season. If you’re looking to combine these style options for a look all her own, don’t forget to ask us about our custom ring design options! Visit us at the corner of Burkhardt & Vogel in Evansville - your local jeweler "Where the Tri-State Gets Engaged!" or call us at 812-477-1388!
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