Two Stone Rings Top Valentine’s Day Choice for Couples with History

Two Stone Rings Top Valentine’s Day Choice for Couples with History

For years and years, romantic diamond jewelry focused on two key moments in a couple’s life: the engagement and the wedding day. Now there’s a new style designed to celebrate all the days that come after “I Do” - the dazzling Twogether ring. The Twogether ring features two round diamonds set side by side, accented by smaller diamonds. One diamond represents your true love, while the other represents your best friend. It’s a beautiful way to represent the uniquely strong bond that develops between two people in love. Sharing your life with someone is truly life changing. Twogether says it beautifully: One plus One equals Us.

Keeping Love Alive

When romance researchers asked couples who’d been together three decades or more what the secret to lasting love was, the answers received centered around four key points:

  1. Clear Communication
    Long lasting couples enjoy staying in contact. Whether that means talking in person, connecting on Skype, sending each other good morning texts, or delivering messages via specially trained courier pigeon, regular conversation really matters.
  2. Laugh Often
    Sharing humor strengthens the bond between lovers. Additionally, the actual act of laughing boosts your energy level, lifts your mood and can improve your overall sense of well-being. What could be better than feeling good with the person you love?
  3. Give All You Can
    Forget about 50/50 – a great relationship happens when each partner gives everything they can to making it work. When it’s true love, you go all in – it’s that simple.
  4. Always Say I Love You
    Everyone wants to know they’re valued and appreciated. Lasting love can be so comfortable that people start feeling taken for granted. You don’t want that to happen. So say I love you at every possible opportunity!

These are the day-to-day essentials for a long and happy relationships, but grand gestures on special occasions certainly don’t hurt! Show her that you’re looking forward to spending many more years as “Us” by giving her the Twogether ring this Valentine’s Day, available at Evansville’s favorite jeweler!

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