Why Tyna is More Beautiful To Me As A Mother

Why Tyna is More Beautiful To Me As A Mother

“If you think you love your wife now, just wait until you see her as a mother.” As Tyna and I began to discuss children more frequently, I heard this phrase over and over from fathers I admired and looked up to for advice.  But, I never truly understood what they meant until the day I saw Tyna holding our son Nate for the first time. The overwhelming amount of feelings - love, joy, admiration, pride, gratitude - that came over me that day were indescribable. It was as if I instantly fell deeper in love with her, but it was a different kind of love - one that continues to grow each time I see Tyna and Nate together. As May is the month to celebrate mothers, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to my wife, Tyna, as a mother.

Her Strength...

The whole idea of creating a child is a miracle to me. But, after watching my wife go through 9 months of pregnancy, I gained a whole new respect for her as a person. Her strength as a mother continued to marvel me as we raised Nathan. When times would get tough, she was always there to reassure me we were doing our best.

Her Love...

Watching Tyna love on Nate has only made me love her more. Of course, there have been countless times where she was tested by Nathan as he was growing up and while she remained firm, she was always loving in return. I’ve watched first hand the loving way she has cared for his needs through the years, always making sure he’s comfortable and has everything he needs. She's always preached “unconditional love” with a long leash for Nathan to make his own decisions. It takes a very special and selfless person to do this and my wife is that person through and through.

Her Determination…

And finally… the third reason I love Tyna even more as a mother is for her determination. She knew the kind of mother she wanted to be, and she would never lose sight of that. She was determined to always be there for Nate no matter what was going on in our crazy lives at the time. Her determination, then and now, to be the best mother she could be is something I will always admire. Tyna, you already know how much I love you, but I’m not sure I’ve always told you how much I admire your strength, love and determination as a mother. You’re truly one-of-a-kind and I am honored to call you my wife and the mother of our son. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day. -Bert

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