What’s Hot This Summer... Balinese Culture + Design

What’s Hot This Summer... Balinese Culture + Design

Be part of the tradition and gratitude that embodies the island of Bali. Explore our new designer Anna Beck at The Diamond Galleria, and you’ll develop a new understanding and love for this amazing culture as your browse each piece in the collection.

It all Started with the Balinese Culture

The story of this collection of jewelry began out of true love and admiration for the Balinese culture, as designer and creator Becky Hosmer was traveling across Southeast Asia. She wanted to be part of the culture that surrounded her, so she found a workshop in Bali and began designing jewelry for herself and sharing it with friends and family. The love for her jewelry design started to spread, and Anna Beck was born.

The Craft

With each piece that is created, traditional Balinese jewelry techniques are used by the most skilled of artisans. These artisans create each piece of jewelry by hand, with some of the pieces taking up to three days to form. And, each design is completely unique, one of a kind and backed by their commitment to quality, with tradition at the heart of everything created. And to ensure that each design remains true to its origin, each piece created is blessed with a Balinese offering of love and gratitude.

Connection + Philanthropy

Hosmer, creator of Anna Beck, wants to be seen as a connector, building bridges so people from all parts of the world can be connected. They want those wearing their jewelry to see it as a form of self expression, connecting with the essence of Bali, which embodies balance, love and connection--something we all deserve. Stop in to shop this new collection--It’s a perfect addition for the boho, free spirit on your list. The Anna Beck collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings for a complete look. While you’re in, don’t forget to add some of these pieces to a wish list for him to shop year-round. Experience the the culture. Experience the tradition. Experience Anna Beck at The Diamond Galleria.

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