You Wouldn’t Pick Your Best Friend Out of a Spreadsheet, So Why Pick Your Diamond That Way?

You Wouldn’t Pick Your Best Friend Out of a Spreadsheet, So Why Pick Your Diamond That Way?
Just like your best pal, each diamond is one-of-a-kind, with its own unique sparkle. You chose your best friend after spending time together, learning first-hand about his or her personality traits – not after a few minutes of reading a list of attributes from a spreadsheet. So why would you choose a diamond that way? Yes, you should do your research, learn the standards for cut, clarity, color, carat weight, polish, symmetry, etc. But a piece of paper, or spreadsheet on the internet, can only tell you so much. Even online videos showing the movement of a diamond can’t compare to seeing the real thing in person! At The Diamond Galleria, we have over 5,000 diamonds in-stock, with inventory changing daily, meaning not only can we look up a stone that fits the cut, carat weight, and other specifications you’re looking for, we can show you similar diamonds so you can compare side-by-side. Once you see your options in our Evansville jewelry store you may find that what you want and what you thought you wanted are not exactly aligned. And if you are looking for something specific that we don’t currently have in-stock, we’ll search far and wide for you to bring that diamond in so that you can see your diamond in-store before taking the plunge.
Not All 1 Carat Diamonds Are Created Equal!
Carats are measurements of weight in diamonds – 1 carat is the equivalent of 200 milligrams. The look and value of two diamonds of equal carat weight can vary immensely. The color, cut, and clarity impact how the diamond sparkles and how much it’s worth. Plus, depending on how a diamond is cut, it can “spread the carat,” appearing larger on the top of the diamond (a measurement known as the table). Think of this like an iceberg, a diamond that spreads its weight will have less “ice” under the water’s surface, or in this case the ring setting. The best way to assess two diamonds of similar carat weight is to see them side-by-side, and we don’t mean having two tabs open on your browser!
Hearts On Fire and Fire & Ice Under One Roof
The Diamond Galleria is Evansville’s home for two of the most brilliant diamonds: Hearts On Fire and Fire & Ice. Hearts On Fire Diamonds feature a perfect ring of eight hearts on the bottom of the diamond, creating a symmetrical Fireburst® on the top of the diamond to maximize the light reflection. In other words, it delivers that breathtaking sparkle you’d expect from the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond! Fire & Ice diamonds are specifically cut to appear larger than most other GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal Cut diamonds by adhering to precise angels that give the diamond the largest diameter possible without sacrificing light reflection. The result? A diamond that is bigger, brighter, and whiter than other diamonds with similar GIA and AGS specifications.
And What About the Setting?
The last thing you want is to find out that the stunning marquis cut diamond you bought online won’t work with her dream Tacori or Veraggio ring! A benefit of shopping for diamonds in our Evansville jewelry store rather than going it alone online is that our experienced sales associates can steer you in the right direction towards the perfect combination of diamond and setting. Remember, for her, the ring is about so much more than just the rock!
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