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Fire & Ice Diamond Giveaway
(This Event has Ended)

August 01 - August 17

Is it time to get engaged? Be a contestant on August 24th for a chance to win a 1 carat Fire & Ice Diamond valued at $7500 from The Diamond Galleria!



You Could Win a one carat Fire & Ice Diamond

1. Visit before August 17th to enter in for a chance to be chosen to compete!

2. Two winners will be randomly chosen to be the The Diamond Galleria on August 24th to compete to melt a block of ice that containing a diamond. The first one to the diamond will win a 1 carat Fire & Ice Diamond!


Fire & Ice Diamonds are sold exclusively in the tristate at The Diamond Galleria. Win this exquisite 1 carat Fire & Ice Diamond valued at $7500!

Fire & Ice Diamonds

Fire & Ice Diamonds are the result of years of research conducted by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. These exquisite diamonds are cut to precise angles to maximize the radiant light and sparkle emerging from the top of the gem. Bigger, brighter and whiter – even compared to other Excellent and Ideal cuts – every Fire & Ice Diamond reaches the highest standard for cut, proportions, symmetry and light return.