Here at The Diamond Galleria, making a couple’s dream come true is simply our greatest joy.
Making our customers happy is the most important thing to us and we are always prepared to go above and beyond to make that happen. No matter which stage you’re at in your search for the perfect engagement ring, The Diamond Galleria is here to help. We know just how memorable the proposal will be, so we are devoted to making it exceptional. When that time comes—when he finds the engagement ring that’s made just for her—we truly treasure that moment. No matter how many customers come in ready to choose that special ring, seeing the excitement in their eyes and getting to play a part in their forever love will never get old.

That’s why we will always cherish our Local Love Stories. Each one is remarkable in its own way, and we are beyond excited to share them with you!

Alisha & Dakota

For Alisha and Dakota, it started with puppy love and developed from there. First meeting at the ripe old age of two at an Easter egg hunt, this Local Love Story couple then began their journey when they were just 13 and 14 years old! Both knew pretty early on that they had found their forever love; that it was meant to be. When it came to the ring, Alisha knew that she wanted to buy locally and Dakota knew he wanted a low-pressure environment. And this is exactly why they ended up choosing The Diamond Galleria. Both remarked at the dedication to ensuring their happiness, and we are so glad we were able to do that! After visiting other stores, they found that at The Diamond Galleria they were treated like family – and that made all the difference. Thank you for letting us share in your story, Alisha and Dakota, and the best of luck on your love journey.

Sara & Nathan

With Sara and Nathan, it was a whirlwind romance with a happy ending. Once they met, it was an automatic connection and everything just clicked. They knew they were each other’s other haves almost right away! With ring shopping, Nathan knew he wanted to do everything on his own. After browsing multiple places, he landed at The Diamond Galleria, where he felt that local connection he was searching for. It was so important to him that his consultants cared as much as he did about making this moment meaningful for both himself and Sara. We’re so glad we could take part in the making of this moment for this delightful Local Love Story couple!

Sara & Mitch

Sara and Mitch met her first weekend in college, and after just a few short months, both of them knew they had found the one. These two sweethearts got engaged right at home, literally, on her parents’ front porch! When it came to the ring, The Diamond Galleria had the pleasure of helping Mitch choose the engagement ring that was made just for Sara. With a basic idea of what she wanted, Mitch and his consultants were able to create something outstanding. Mitch also pointed out that he felt so comfortable when working with our associates Laurie and Janice, as well as with Tyna and Bert. In the end, Mitch said that he “cannot imagine going anywhere else.” We are so glad that we could make Mitch feel at home while ensuring that he left with the confidence that he’d found the perfect ring.

Railey & Logan

For Railey and Logan it all started as summertime love. These two lovebirds met at the lake, where both their parents vacationed since they were young. The night this Local Love Story couple met, Logan recalls knowing that Railey was the one right away, even telling one of his close friends “I’m going to marry that girl.” The two later got engaged where they met, at the lake, with the help of a Diamond Galleria engagement ring of course! When it came to the shopping process, Logan admittedly didn’t know much about rings. But our team was able to guide him towards the ring he knew would take Railey’s breath away. As soon as he saw the one, he knew he had to have it and get it on her finger as soon as possible! We’re so glad we could make this experience fun and comfortable for you Logan, thank you for letting us help make your proposal remarkable.

Sydney & Blake

For Sydney and Blake the relationship actually started as a friendship in college, and it only grew from there. After a short amount of time, the two knew they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives! Blake truly enjoyed the kindness of his consultants as he shopped for the engagement ring. For this Local Love Story couple, The Diamond Galleria also stood out because of the family oriented feel, and the outstanding service. Sydney remarked that whenever they were in the store, they never had to wait as well! As always, we are incredibly thankful to be a part of another wonderful couple’s journey.

Anna & Jake

Anna and Jake reconnected years later after having worked together in college, and the rest is history! This Local Love Story couple is the perfect example of “when you know, you know” after they found themselves in a situation where all the pieces fell together in just the right way. Anna and Jake were looking for something very specific when it came to her engagement ring, and found the perfect fit at The Diamond Galleria. After searching around and wanting to buy locally, they ended up at our store. And working with our staff was “a breath of fresh air,” Anna said. We happily accommodated them with all of their needs, as Anna’s ring was somewhat non-traditional, with Morganite as the center stone. Jake even returned to purchase necklaces for Anna’s two wonderful daughters. We truly enjoyed taking part in the creation of this one of a kind ring, thank you for allowing us to, Anna and Jake!

Thank you again to all of our Local Love Story couples!

With each fairytale proposal we are a part of, we fall in love with what we do a little bit more! We can’t wait to meet all of our future Local Love Story couples, and are committed to helping you find the ring that will make that proposal moment unparalleled. Here at The Diamond Galleria, it’s more than just another sale – making our customers happy is truly the most important thing to us – especially when one of the biggest moments of their lives is on the line!